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The Indiana Nut & Fruit Growers Association (INFGA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the culture of Indiana hardy nut and fruit trees, their advancement and helping those interested in cultivating them.  INFGA was founded in 1953 as the Indiana Nut Growers Association (INGA)  INFGA offers free training and plant material exchange opportunities at regularly held meetings. 

Some of the nut trees that can be grown in Indiana are:

wpe2.jpg (744 bytes) Almonds:   Select cultivars will grow in Indiana, however they are no more hardy or reliable than peaches. 

wpe1.jpg (753 bytes) Black Walnuts: Similar in shape to the "English Walnuts" but more hardy and flavorful, this is a valuable timber tree that bears edible nuts. 

wpe1.jpg (753 bytes) Butternuts: The hardiest northern species, sometimes called the white walnut. 

wpe1.jpg (753 bytes) Chestnuts:  Smaller, fast-growing trees with nuts that are almost fat-free.  Almost all varieties are imported as American Chestnut is susceptible to a blight that has killed most stands.  

wpe1.jpg (753 bytes) Heartnuts:   Fast-growing trees that are a type of Japanese Walnut.  Also an early bearing tree. 

wpe1.jpg (753 bytes) Hazelnuts & Filberts:   Small trees and bushes that, similar to Chestnuts, produce a nut that has a lower fat content.  

wpe1.jpg (753 bytes) Hickory:  One of the tallest growing nut trees and the slowest to bear nuts.  However, it is very hardy and tasty and some selected cultivars produce thin shelled nuts. 

wpe1.jpg (753 bytes) Hicans:  A Hickory-Pecan hybrid. 

wpe1.jpg (753 bytes) Pecans:  Although typically a southern crop, some selected cultivars will bear in Indiana. 

wpe1.jpg (753 bytes) Persian Walnuts:   Frequently these are called "English Walnuts".  Most of the cultivars grown in Indiana are of the Carpathian strain. 

You will find members are also interested in the propagation of fruits such as Apples and Pears, Pawpaw, Persimmon, Prunus (stone fruits) and rare fruits. 


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