Where do I get a Black Walnut nut cracker? 


Most of the nutcrackers that we have experience with are single nut crackers, not commercial versions. For home use, the cheapest way is with a hammer, but it does have a tendency to smash the nut meats. If you own a vise, you can also use that if it is relatively thin shelled, but it is a slow method.  The next best way is to use Hunts Black Walnut cracker. the Hunt's nutcracker is the best of several that we have tried in our nut evaluations and it easily cracks all types and quickly (less than a second) adjusts to different sizes of nuts so it is good when there is variance in nut size (as in nut evaluations). We have used quite a few "world's best" nutcrackers and did not find any of them to be better. It also works on a cam principle and is very durable.  You can find information about it at NNGA or contact Wayne Denton at (515) 243-5783. It is $126, but it will crack them quickly and easily.

Another nut cracker that is highly recommended by our members is the Mr. Hickory nut-cracker from Fred Blankenship It is very durable and well built it has no parts to break and does a very good job.  It is specifically designed to get every last little piece of nut meat out of a Hickory nut if you are willing to fiddle with it for awhile.  Fred's pH# is (270) 828-6141.  Either of these will do a fine job of cracking any northern grown nut, including butternuts and hickory nuts. 

Many of our members also use and recommend the Master Nut Cracker.  You can get it at http://www.masternutcracker.com/ for $72.  They also manufactured a black walnut huller until 2007.  

The Kenkel Hard-shell Nutcracker Can be mounted on a table, platform, or on the wall. Designed for Black walnut, Butternuts, and Hickory nuts. The pressure applied breaks the nutshell outward, saving the nut meat of the nut in large pieces. The long handle and scooped cup (holding the nut) prevents fingers from being pinched.  It is consistent each time and does not require fiddling around to get the nut open.  When combined with named variety nuts like Clermont, Meyers, Harris and Vandersloot, many nuts crack away from the center leaving only a nut with shell to be picked off with your fingers exposing whole quarters and halves.  You can purchase it from England's Orchard and Nursery

Another hand powered Black Walnut nutcracker can be seen at http://www.bestblackwalnutcracker.com/.  This one is designed to do batches of walnuts and not just one nut at a time.  

Semi-commercial models: Try the Drill Cracker, by Kerry Clabaugh at 855-743-5537.  One that is appealing, but out of business is at mohabi.com.  If you have some information that we could use, please email the webmaster.  The following 2 links do carry commercial pecan equipment, but not black walnut. Try  http://www.pecanproducers.com/equipment/harvesting-shelling.html and http://www.caironet.com/thomson/index.htm

I also found some information at http://www.ca.uky.edu/agc/pubs/id/id77/id77.htm.  I am not sure that that page will stay valid so I am including the information below.  The prices and information is not under my control and may change.  Also it seems that the pricing information is old.  If you have updated information, email the webmasterMy changes are highlighted.

Nut Cracking
Table 2. provides information on the best way to crack and store Kentucky grown nuts. There are a number of nut crackers on the market. The following nut crackers are ones that have been tested and recommended by W. C. Donoho, a member of the Kentucky Nut Growers Association, who has an extensive collection of nut crackers.
When nuts are incompletely cracked, a pair of wire snips with the tips ground down to a narrow point are helpful in snipping away portions of the shell to obtain larger nutmeat pieces.

Texas Native Inertia Nutcracker - This cracker does a good job on pecans, English walnuts and hazelnuts. It obtains its power from rubber bands and the nuts are cracked by relaying impact through the force of inertia. It produces primarily whole kernel halves. Around $25.00
Bill Price
P.O. Box 305
Bunn, NC 27508
http://www.inertianutcracker.com/ for around $35.
Get Crackin' Nutcracker - This is a good fast cracker for many nut types including Brazil nuts. It does not do well on black walnuts or very hard shelled nuts. This cracker does not need to be adjusted for nut size. Around $29.95

Creative Designs
Ken McIntire
P.O. Box 45-1558
Grove, OK 74345-1558
(918) 786-7960

Also sold by Hammons at http://www.black-walnuts.com for about $50 or http://www.lehmans.com/ for about $35.   
Wileys Nut Grove Cracker - This is a good all purpose cracker. The Large cracking post works well for large nuts and the smaller one works well for small nuts. The long handle provides considerable leverage for cracking hard shelled nuts. Around $50.00
Wileys Nut Grove
1116 Hickory Lane
Mansfield, OH 44905
Hunt Black Walnut Cracker - One of the best black walnut, butternut and hickory nut crackers. It operates smoothly and allows very precise nut cracking, because the piston moves only 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch. It is not easy to complete the cracking of uncracked portions of a nut, but nuts rarely need to be recracked if the cracker is adjusted properly. Around $45.00 ~$70 now
Hunt's Black Walnut Cracker
Lawrence Hunt
Box 3
Hartford, IA 50118
(515) 989-3869
Potter Walnut Cracker - This cracker was invented in the 1930's and is very well built and sturdy. It does a good job on all nuts (Figure___). The Potter Walnut Cracker adjusts quickly to the nut size and the indentations on the top of the jaws work very well to crack small hickory nuts and nuts that need additional cracking. Priced in the $40.00 to $80.00 range depending on model. It is being manufactured by Don Bateman Sheet Metal.  (I think it is around $120 now).
Potter Walnut Cracker Co.
Box 930
Sapulpa, OK 74066


Type of Nut Curing Area
Best Long Term
To Shell
Apply pressure:
Black Walnuts cool, dry shell & freeze either end-to-end across longest dimension or side-to-side across widest dimension
Butternuts cool, dry shell & freeze either end-to-end across longest dimension or side-to-side across widest dimension
Carpathian Walnuts dry at 95-105F within 24 hr after harvest shell & freeze side-to-side not on suture line after harvest
Chinese Chestnuts shady, cool, humid, well ventilated boil or roast, remove shell & freeze peal with a knife
Hazelnuts shady, well ventilated shell & freeze any way
Heartnuts cool, dry shell & freeze tap lightly on sharp point with a hammer
Hicans cool, dry shell & freeze on suture, side-to-side across widest dimension
Hickory cool, dry shell & freeze side-to-side across widest dimension
Pecans cool, dry shell & freeze any way

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