Where can I purchase northern grown nuts?


England's Orchard and Nursery offers nuts for both eating and planting
316 S.R 2004
McKee, KY. 40447-9616     pH toll free 877 965 2228
Specializing in Exotic fruit and nut trees for alternative crops

Arlene & Richard Dravis (NNGA members) offer hickory nuts (in '99 they had available nuts from Weschke, Porter, Dog House, Fairbanks, Stanley, Bradley, Stephens, and Wagoner) and Black Walnut (Sparrow, Thomas, Elmer Myers). They may have some butternut/heartnut/Carpathian and chestnuts as well. They also have a mailing list.

Dravis Nut Grove
567 Wilt Hollow Rd.
Schellsburg, PA 15559

You can purchase excellent English walnuts in the shell, any quantity, grown in Michigan from:

Robert & Nancy Foncannon
12700 Dutch Settlement Rd.
Marcellus, MI 49067

Nebraska NGA sometimes has stratified shellbark & shagbark seednuts, in limited quantities.  NNGA, 122 Mussehl Hall, UN-Lincoln, P.O. Box 830716, Lincoln, NE 68583-0716

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